2nd Contemporary Visions Festival 2014 - Day One Florence Vienna Showcase International Art Fair 2013 Tribute to Books and all stories living in them - Mixed media on canvas 40x70cm Debut Contemporary 2014 - Timeless

Exhibition Name: Vienna Showcase International Art Fair

Year: 2013

LocationMOYA Palais Schönborn, Vienna, Austria

When you say that “foolish words require deaf ears”, you mean that you should always take foolish comments with a pinch of salt and ignore them or give them no importance. Just like when you say that “foolish words don’t reach the Heaven” you also mean to say that foolish comments are not important (that’s why they won’t reach Heaven). This is basically a way of saying that we shouldn’t feed foolish or offensive comments to avoid conflicts and to avoid the person who says them to be seen as wise. At the same time, also is a sarcastic way of alerting us to be better people for others and for us too, because we all have flaws, so with this proverb we can make a parallel between the others and ourselves.


voices of donkey do not reach the sky 1 - silly words wont reach the heaven 1 - oil on canvas 70x90 cm - 2012
voices of donkey do not reach ...
voices of donkey do not reach the sky 2 - foolish words require deaf ears 2 - mixed media on canvas 130x70 cm - 2013
voices of donkey do not reach ...
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Mara Alves @2013