2nd Contemporary Visions Festival 2014 - Day One Florence Vienna Showcase International Art Fair 2013 Tribute to Books and all stories living in them - Mixed media on canvas 40x70cm Debut Contemporary 2014 - Timeless

Exhibition Name: Day One Florence – 2nd Contemporary Visions Festival

Date: 2014

Location: Florence


This trilogy is inspired by three gods of Roman mythology that had a very strong connection between them and that's why I wanted to portray them and toke as inspiration the perpetuating way that we see them  in their representative sculptures, at the same time, make a connection between what represents them trough modern and common objects.

cupid - 100x70cm - mixed media on canvas
cupid - 100x70cm - mixed media...
psyche - 90x60cm -mixed media on canvas
psyche - 90x60cm -mixed media ...
venus - 80x60 cm - mixed media on canvas
venus - 80x60 cm - mixed media...
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Mara Alves @2013